Cedes Milano – Now Lorenzi Milano

A quick update about a change that been in the works for a while now.

From a fortnight ago Cedes Milano has changed its name to Lorenzi Milano.

Cedes was only ever a placeholder name for Mauro Lorenzi, after G. Lorenzi, one of Milan’s most respected luxury craft studios closed down (more info in this article from a visit to their workshop last year).

It’s a well deserved homecoming for the family, ensuring the Lorenzi name can continue in its association with Milanese craft for generations to come.

Downstairs in the Milan workshop

Their pieces are heirlooms in the making, taking rare materials and combining them with the best of Italian craftsmanship. Name me one other business where you can get a mammoth tusk cigar set?

Mammoth tusk cigar set

Mauro and Linda Lorenzi

Our two pieces to date (my cigar cutter and Mehri’s flower vase) are two of the most beautiful things in our home and they’re a daily pleasure, every time we look at them in the living room. Not only because they’re aesthetically unique and striking pieces, but because of the craftsmanship which is required to turn them into something so unique and the passion which Mauro and his team have for the things they create. The Lorenzi’s are a lovely family and seeing these pieces reminds us of them.

Cape Buffalo horn flower vase

My cigar cutter

I’ll go back and edited the articles to replace “Cedes” with “Lorenzi” to avoid any future confusion and from now on. Lorenzi Milano’s website can be found here.


Andrew is an Australian born writer, covering the world's leading bespoke tailors and craftspeople in menswear, with a focus on authentic quality, over branding. He spends most of his days running his successful (god knows how) consulting company and travels frequently to Europe for work and writing. He's a passionate cyclist, former trainee professional golfer and lover of all things Cocker Spaniel. He's married to his best friend and significantly better half, Mehri. They have 2 little boys born 11 months apart, which was funny for about 2 seconds before reality set in.


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    Joffrey G

    Hi Andrew,

    Have you ever tried their shoe polishing brushes and accessories?

    • Reply October 2, 2017

      Andrew Doyle

      Not yet, Joffrey, but it’s a good idea now you mention it. I’ll look into getting some brushes in the future.

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