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A few months ago, while I was at Bijan’s for a fitting, I caught up with my friend Joe Ha, stylish guy and owner of The Finery Company. He had his sample books of Frui ties, which he carries, so we laid them out on Bijan’s cutting table to look at swatches. I’d been interested to see the books for a while, as the ties which I’ve seen from Frui always seemed to be of a very high quality.


Frui are a Korean manufacturer of ties and accessories (shirts, pocket squares, knitwear etc) but they’re probably best known for their handmade ties, which have gained a considerable following in recent years. They’re products involve a lot of handwork, with a focus placed on quality and attention to detail.

Whilst Frui do plenty of RTW products, their bespoke ties are appealing, due to the ability to chose the specific details to make a tie exactly the way I’d want it, similar to the choices I made in my bespoke tie from Drake’s last year.


Decision Making Process:

Looking through the sample swatches, I found a dusty orange paisley which would work well with blue and white shirts, during the warmer months of the year. Versatility is useful in ties, and paisleys give you that. The multitude of colours allows them to pick up other colours in an outfit, while the rest of the colours, as long as they’re not too loud, will often settle in to the background. The lighter blue will pick up the background of a blue shirt. The darker blue works with a navy suit. The grey (which you don’t notice at first, but you’ll spot when you look for it) works with grey suits. The orange works particularly well with navy (or brown and green) and a white shirt will work with all of those colours.



We opted for a light interlining, as I don’t like heavy or chunky ties and the colours of the tie make it well suited to bright days and warmer weather, anyway. We chose hand-rolled tips, more in tune with the Italian aesthetic, which also adds to the feeling of lightness in the tie and makes the hand-made efforts visible. We didn’t worry about extensive folds (such as 5 or 7 folds) which are a “nice to have”, but not necessary, in my opinion, as it just eats up extra silk and the same body is achieved with good interlining and hand-work.


My one mistake was seemingly forgetting to carry the zero when giving Joe the length, as the tie is a good 30+cm too short. I still have no idea how I made the mistake, but it fortunately hasn’t affected its wearability or appearance, it just feels wrong to have the back blade so short. Mental note for next time.

Finished Product:

The tie arrived a few weeks later and it’s already one of my favourite ties. It knots better than any other tie I own and the colours have made it versatile to wear with a range of outfits. It works very well with jeans, (which I wear with increasing frequency these days) as the orange in the tie picks up the orange stitching which is typical in jeans. Additionally, becuase it’s not a shiny silk, rather a more dusty texture, it works just as well with more casual clothes, such as jeans.

The handwork is as good as any I’ve seen and that’s evident throughout the tie, with every tack and stitch made by hand.


The price for Frui’s bespoke ties are circa 300USD. I’ll also try to remember to take a photo the next time I wear it and update the article with some additional images.

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  1. says: Jay

    There doesn’t seem to be much info about their bespoke services on their website. Care to share some insight on how it can be done without making the trip to Korea? The price for their bespoke service Aldo seems quite escalated compared to their RTW Alpha and omega linceuls. Are they all hand mande from start to finish?

    1. says: Andrew Doyle

      Hi Jay,

      Agree, the website is pretty limited. Joe Ha (link to his Insta with contact details is in the article) travels extensively, so if you’re based in Aus or Asia then there’s a fair chance you’ll be able to catch up with him at a trunk show. Otherwise, maybe email them to ask if they have a contact near you. I believe all their ties are fully hand-made, the bespoke difference is the range (extensive range of swatches), choosing your length and weight. If you find their RTW options suitable and the right length, then bespoke is probably an unnecessary expense.

  2. says: Hugh

    I’m quite surprised no one questioned your tie length, as it would be much shorter than a standard length. Anyway, glad it turned out well.

    1. says: Andrew Doyle

      It’s funny you mention this, as that’s the conclusion I came to after thinking about it later on. It should never have been made that short, even if I somehow made the mistake and asked for that length. Someone should have questioned it, to make sure. That said, I wear it with waistcoats most of the time, so it’s somewhat of a non-issue.

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