Bijan – Bespoke Linen Sport Coat Part 5 – The Finished Coat

Perfectly following my particularly curved back
Perfectly following my particularly curved back

After a few months and 3 fittings, the bespoke sport coat which Bijan and Josh Ton have made for me is now complete (previous posts can be found here: part 1part 2part 3part 4. It was finished just in time to be able to come with me to Europe for a month, where I am now. The last few days in Dubai have been comfortably in the 40’s and it’s held up very well, the open weave of the linen has allowed air to flow easily through the cloth.

The jacket was largely complete by the second fitting, with only minor tweaks and adjustments to be made in the final stages. After the third fitting, the only thing remaining were the button holes for the sleeves, including the unique request I had made, to have the final button hole on each arm, sewn with a fish symbol (in memory of my Father).

Detail of the hand stitched fish buttonhole on each sleeve
Detail of the hand stitched fish buttonhole on each sleeve



The images in Bijan’s studio were taken prior to the basted stitches being removed and the coat having its final press, but the images in Dubai show the coat in its final form, albeit nicely lived-in from flights and a few days travel through Dubai.



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