Why I Didn’t Post an Article Last Week

Last Tuesday there was a small interruption to our regularly scheduled programming. The interruption weighs 2.86 kilo’s, sleeps a lot, eats a lot and is heaven on earth. We decided to name the interruption Noah and I now have a firm succession plan in place for all the cool stuff I’ve had made over the years and will continue to have made.

I’d not given it much thought before, but since he arrived I realised how nice it will be to have someone to pass things on to which have come to mean so much to me, mainly as a reflection of the craftspeople they represent. Shoes and suits will only fit him if we get lucky, but things like my Lorenzi cigar cutter, ties and accessories will have a good home in the years to come. That said, Mehri and I plan to have a few more babies, so if we have more boys then I suppose who gets what will come down to a respectful discussion of preferences between them, or some kind of fight in a bear pit with flaming torches and intense drumming. Either way, welcome little man, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (along with your mother).

Andrew is an Australian born writer, covering the world's leading bespoke tailors and craftspeople in menswear, with a focus on authentic quality, over branding. He spends most of his days running his successful (god knows how) consulting company and travels frequently to Europe for work and writing. He's a passionate cyclist, former trainee professional golfer and lover of all things Cocker Spaniel. He's married to his best friend and significantly better half, Mehri. They have 2 little boys born 11 months apart, which was funny for about 2 seconds before reality set in.


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    A Cartland

    Many congratulations Andrew!!

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    Congratulations Andrew! Enjoy spending time with the little man

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    Congratulations Andrew!

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