2018 – The Year That Wasn’t…

Luca - Day 2

2018. What. A. Year.

Of TimelessMan’s thousands of subscribers and regular readers, one thing was probably evident last year. A heavily reduced number of articles. This was brought about by a number of unexpected surprises throughout the year, starting in February when we found out that our second baby was on the way….4 months after baby number 1, Noah, was born. For those of you with children, you know how unlikely it is to become pregnant that soon after your baby is born… but there we were, scratching our heads and wondering what, exactly, we were supposed to do with 2 babies, whilst we were already sleep deprived and getting our heads around how to be parents in the first place (hint: you learn fast).

Add to that a number of headaches I had with my business last year, an baby induced inability to travel, which has been the backbone of the blog in covering tailors and makers around the world (specifically in the northern hemisphere), starting 2 new companies (1 in knitwear, 1 in Cyber Security – not exactly similar pursuits) and a few other bits and pieces and pretty quickly the blog started to suffer.

Fast forward to September, when we were due to fly to Hong Kong for a few days to cover a range of tailors and manufacturers, when we got the news that our second baby, due in November, was in a bad way and needed to come out immediately… like immediately, immediately. Cue me racing to the hospital at 6.30 in the morning to get there just as Mehri was being wheeled into the operating room. 20 minutes later, after not knowing if either or both of them would come out safely, I got the news than our second boy (Luca) was born (9 weeks premature and only 1.6kg) and the early signs were that he seemed to be looking OK, but we wouldn’t know for a while.

Luca – Day 2

We spent the next 7 weeks visiting the hospital multiple times every day (super draining, as we still had Noah, at this point only 11 months old, to look after) as he gradually improved. He’s been home since mid-November, and all indications are that he’s a perfectly healthy (now pretty fat) little boy, who’s just found his first few smiles in the last week or so.

Luca – 3 months later

So we now have 2 amazing and healthy little boys (see Noah, below), not much sleep, 3 companies (masochists) and exist in a general state of confusion. But it’s worked out well so far, life’s short and I’ve always believed in biting off more than you can chew, then chewing like hell.

Noah. Vegemite. Completely Wonderful. Possibly Insane.

Mehri has been amazing through it all (she’s responsible for almost every image you see on TM) and 2019 still looks like it’s going to be full on (the new companies are still in their infancy and will take a lot of energy, in addition to running my other company) and whilst the travel side of things is still going to be hard, I’ll be trying to work something out as best I can.

M and I. Smiling because we were at a wedding and offloaded the kids.

For the blog, that means I’ll be reviewing a lot of products which I’ll have sent here, rather than visiting tailors, but we do expect to go to Hong Kong and, if I’m really lucky, I’ll try to get back to Europe for a couple of weeks and pack in as much as possible – I still have my Camps de Luca jacket to have finished, which I’ve been dying to get back to Paris for. I’ll also be working on trying to cover some more affordable makers (still very high quality, but smaller, more accessible products) to give some good options for readers who care about quality, but may not be on a wage which allows some of the eye-watering prices I and other readers are willing (crazy enough?) to spend on a good suit, shoes or leathergoods etc.

For now, I’ll leave it at that. My apologies for the reduced number of articles, but I’ll be back on top of things this year, will have some great content and, hopefully, a new knitwear company, which I’ve spent the last 3 years pouring my heart and soul into, to launch before Christmas (maybe).

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  1. says: Michael

    Don’t apologize. Good things are worth waiting for and your blog certainly is one of them. Glad to see a Healthy family!

  2. says: Chris

    Andrew – I could feel my anxiety rising as I read about what you and your wife went through after Luca’s birth, so am relieved at the happy outcome. This matters more, of course, than anything to do with clothing. Having said that, I’m looking forward to hearing how your Camps jacket turns out (I’ve been waiting for more than a year for Charles to do a trunk show in SE Asia, where I live) and whether Bonnet fixed the fit issues on your glasses. Meanwhile, wishing you all the best for 2019.

    1. says: Andrew Doyle

      Hi Chris. Thanks for your kind words. I’m confident Maison Bonnet will fix the glasses. It’s slightly crushing to have an expensive pair of glasses sitting unused at the back of my wardrobe. Also very keen to see how the jacket from Camps turns out, the cloth should be great with jeans or separate trousers. Will try to knock them all over in one go when I get back there.

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